What did we build?

Military University Hospital Prague – Completion and reconstruction of Pavilion B – execution

Investor: Ústřední vojenská nemocnice - Vojenská fakultní nemocnice Praha
Realization: 02/2018 - 06/2019

Project characteristics

Construction works on war veterans pavilion of Military University Hospital Prague is being performed without interruption of current operations. The project consists in total reconstruction. Construction modifications of five-storey building are intended for the creation of social services pavilion that will provide among other long-term care hospital, nursing beds and psychiatric ambulatory services. On the first ground, there will be a small café, minimarket and multifunctional cultural centre. Special equipment delivery as well as interior works are also part of the project.

The hospital provides a complete range of medical services, except paediatrics, obstetrics, cardiac surgery, treatment of burns. 
The Military University Hospital Prague provides a full spectrum of health care. It focuses mainly on Emergency surgical conditions and internal profile, the care of polytrauma (multiple injuries), including central nervous system injury. The hospital is continuously developing a modern especially minimally invasive medical procedures in various fields.
The hospital currently has ten clinics and 20 specialized departments, many of them collaborate on training medical students in medical schools. The hospital is equipped with modern technology and reflects contemporary trends in medicine. Hospital has 677 beds, 86 of them are aftercare beds. ÚVN provides medical care also to foreign patients.

The reconstruction will be finished in June 2019.

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