What did we build?

Modernization and completion of Regional hospital Náchod

Investor: Královéhradecký kraj
Location: Královehradecký kraj
Realization: 04/2018 - 11/2020

Project characteristics

Revitalization of Regional hospital in Náchod consists in construction of new pavilions and reconstruction of existing ones. Currently the clinical workplaces are situated in two areas that can’t be operated efficiently both technically and cost effectively, such situation doesn’t allow an effective growth of health care in respective region. The core of the project consists in construction of two new buildings. A new building for medicinal gases will be constructed as well as overhead corridor and underground corridors between the buildings. The scope of the reconstruction is moving from upper area of the hospital and unification of all departments to the lower area.

Existing hospital buildings were constructed mainly during the 20th century while the newest buildings date back to the beginning of 21st century. In the last years, some of the buildings were already demolished; others were modified based on actual needs. Especially the buildings built in the second half of 20th century are well beyond its lifetime. Even the newer buildings are getting old very fast, which has a direct impact on quality of provided services.

Náchod hospital provides health care to more than 200.000 inhabitants and it is the biggest hospital in the property of Královéhradecký region.

The project is being performed in cooperation with company GEOSAN GROUP a.s., and it will be finished in November 2020.

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