What did we build?

Sales and service centre DAF Jeřmanice

Investor: NAPA TRUCKS spol. s r.o.
Location: Liberec Region
Realization: 09/2012 - 01/2013

Project characteristics

The project of new DAF center includes the construction of sales and service centre for DAF vehicles for the Liberec Region. The administrative and service facility is built of reinforced concrete prefab skeleton with brickwork on the administrative part and lining of Kingspan facade panels on the service part. The building is roofed by reinforced concrete ceiling panels. The architectural expression of both buildings is simple and, above all, functional. In terms of visual appearance, the buildings were approached as integrated blocks with windows, doors and gates, which serve as optical separators of the building facades. Based on the nature of the service facilities, materials and finishes were selected with regard to higher mechanical loads. For more information visit http://www.napa-daf.cz/kontakt/jermanice—provozovna-firmy.htm

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