What did we build?

Waste water treatment and drainage II – Mladoboleslavsko

Investor: Vodovody a kanalizace Mladá Boleslav, a.s.
Location: Central Bohemia Region
Realization: 07/2012 - 07/2014

Project characteristics

The group project “Mladá Boleslav Region: Waste Water Treatment and Drainage II” is focused on the construction of sewerage system in Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště and Dobrovice and improvement of drinking water quality in Dobrovice and surrounding areas.
The main objectives of the project include namely reduction of contamination and quality improvement of surface water in the Jizera river, expansion of waste water treatment and sewerage system in mentioned municipalities and reduction of contamination level of soil, underground water as well as surface water. In the Dobrovice agglomeration, there will be an improvement in the quality of drinking water supplied by the public water supply system.
The project consists of the following nine parts.

2) Dobrovice, improvement of drinking water quality
3.1) Mladá Boleslav, Bezděčín – extension of sewerage system
3,2) Mladá Boleslav, Láskov – extension of sewerage system
3,3) Mladá Boleslav, Chrást – extension of sewerage system
3,4) Mladá Boleslav, Vinecká – extension of sewerage system
3,5) Mladá Boleslav, Čejetice – extension of sewerage system
4) Mnichovo Hradiště, waste water treatment plant – intensification
5) Mnichovo Hradiště, sewerage system, sewer A   Seven of the listed project parts represent extension of sewerage systems in the municipalities of

Mladá Boleslav, Mnichovo Hradiště and Dobrovice; the eight part is the intensification of existing waste water treatment plant in Mnichovo Hradiště; the ninth part, a very important one, is the construction of a water supply line, which will supply quality drinking water from Mladá Boleslav supply system to the Dobrovice district. Quality drinking water will be supplied to the municipalities of Dobrovice, Sýčina, Vinařice, Bojetice, Týnec, Holé Vrchy, Uherce, Semčice, Ledce, Prodašice and Ujkovice; municipalities of Pěčice, Kobylnice, Nepřevázka and Ctiměřice will have the option of connecting to this new water supply system. The project is implemented by the “Association for the Mladoboleslavsko II Project”, which incorporates the companies VCES a.s., BAK stavební společnost, a.s., SMP CZ, a.s., Energie stavební a báňská a.s. and Vodohospodářské stavby, s.r.o.
The total estimated costs of the project are CZK 592 million (VAT not included). The State Environmental Fund promised co-financing from its own resources and from the resources of EU Cohesion Fund totalling CZK 357 million; the rest of the costs will be covered by the company Vodovody a kanalizace Mladá Boleslav, a.s. and municipalities involved in the project. For more information visit na http://mb2.spravcestavby.cz/.

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