What did we build?

Building development of a multifunction building Erwin Junker in Holice

Investor: JUNKER Group
Location: Pardubice Region
Realization: 08/2013 - 03/2015

Project characteristics

Early in August the building development of a multifunction building Erwin Junker in Holice has been started, which is a combination of a production function with further functions for needs of an industrial plant going beyond into services for a public and education system – a hotel with a restaurant and a training center. The architectural design draws its inspiration in the production program of the company Erwin Junker – various cam shafts, tooth wheels, waste cuts and turnings; a screw-line with staircases is the dominating feature of the whole facility. The facility is created by production spaces with the total area of about 1,500 m2 with a three-floor super-structure comprising a hotel, training center, accommodation facilities for students and restaurants. The building is planned to be finished in December 2014.

The JUNKER Group is a leading world producer of the CBN-high-speed grinding machines, multi-spindle grinding machines, machines for combination of grinding and turning of hard surfaces, machines to grind profiles, machines to grind grooves, grinding machines to grind diameters, machines to grind cutting tools, machines to grind tools, unpointed grinding machines and machines to grind non-circular profiles. The JUNKER Group employs 1,200 employees in 12 localities all over the world.

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