What did we build?

Housing project V Mezihoří Prague

Investor: ORCO Property Group
Location: Prague Region
Realization: 03/2012 - 12/2013

Project characteristics

The new project of contemporary housing called “V Mezihoří” is another investment project of the ORCO company, for which BAK has already implemented several projects in Prague, which include e.g. the “Tyršův vrch” apartment block and “Nad Beránkem” residential compound.

The project “V Mezihoří” includes the construction of an apartment compound consisting of three interconnected buildings, which comprise 142 flats from studios to three-bedroom flats. Each apartment comprises a groundfloor garden, balcony or terrace. As a matter of course, the compound includes garages and basement booths. The project is located in a strip of existing green vegetation, which merges into the Palmovka park. The pleasant environment is enhanced by south-oriented exterior atrium with water bodies, treated greenery, children’s playground, pergola, exterior kitchen and fireplace, which can serve the inhabitants for relaxation and meeting with others.

The construction of the apartment block will be finished in spring 2014, when the new apartment owners can start enjoying the modern and quality life in the very center of Prague.

In terms of sales, the new project is very successful. For more information visit the following link: http://stavitel.ihned.cz/c1-54893450-o-bydleni-v-mezihori-je-zajem, and the project website: http://www.vmezihori.cz/.

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