What did we build?

Production plant LH Technik s.r.o. Lhota za Červeným Kostelcem

Investor: LH Technik s.r.o.
Location: Hradec Králové Region
Realization: 03/2015 - 11/2015

Project characteristics

The project consists in construction of new production plant and administrative premises. The construction includes all connections, retention tank and communications. The construction works will start in March 2005 and the completion is planned for November 2015.

Company LH Technik s.r.o. is engaged in serial and large-lot production of parts and subgroups using the technology of ultrapulse welding (UP welding) and capillary fitting with following heat treatment and surface protections. The second area of interest is production of welded parts, engineering groups and assembled machine complexes.

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