What did we build?

Reconstruction of Beroun station building

Location: Středočeský kraj
Realization: 08/2020 - 09/2022

Project characteristics

The building of the railway station in Beroun consists of a complex of three interconnected buildings including a departure hall, an administrative building and technical spaces. The departure hall will be hugely modified, the cash registers will be relocated and new commercial units will be created. The reconstruction includes a new facade and its insulation, a new roof, replacement of windows and doors and modification of walls, ceiling and floor surfaces. New sewerage, water, heating and electrical installations will be implemented. The new building of the station will be equipped with a cooling and air exchange system. The construction works will affect also the underground floors, where new hydro insulation of the walls and sanitary works are carried out. Existing information system and camera systems will be modernized and extended. The aim of modernization is to revive the premises and increase travel comfort of the passengers.

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