What did we build?

Retirement home Lampertice, Žacléř

Location: Královehradecký kraj
Realization: 10/2020 - 02/2022

Project characteristics

Reconstruction of an existing building that was originally used for students of the mining school housing. The project consists in the reconstruction of the northern part of the existing building, which remains the same in its volume except for the extension of one floor. The southern part of the existing building was demolished and new construction is being carried out with interconnecting the existing northern part of the building. After the construction works are carried out, the building will have one underground floor and four above-ground floors. The new part in the southern part is designed with retreating floors functioning as terraces.

The facility will offer long term hospitality for elderly people with old age dementia as well as short term stays for elderly people whose care is primarily taken by their family. The retirement home has been operating in Lampertice since 1905 and was originally used for retired miners.

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