Being successful means feeling responsibility, not only within the company but also to the external environment. This is why we support interesting and essential projects in the fields of culture, sports and ecology, as well as charity related to bringing up children and adolescents.

Vendulka charity fund

We believe that helping the needy is human, especially as concerns seriously ill children suffering from rare forms of disease. For this reason, we created the Vendulka charity fund, through which we can help to improve the material and medical care for little Vendulka.

Vendulka is among the few dozen people in the world and the only person in the Czech Republic suffering from an inborn dominant form of immunodeficiency, meaning a disorder of the immune system identified under number 818-821delTTAA v IFNR1, which causes the inability of the organism to defend itself from any form of mycobacteria.

Little Vendulka’s illness broke out in full strength after her first mandatory vaccination for tuberculosis, shortly after birth. Because of this immunity disorder, Vendulka has been treated in the past against highly resistant bird tuberculosis, which attacked certain organs, causing the partial breakdown of her hip joint and two places on her skull. In addition to this severe immunity disease, Vendulka also has a heart defect, which will be operated in the future. Since birth, she has spent more than two years in hospital, undergone nine surgeries and ten examinations in total anesthesia. Despite all these painful experiences and the strong drugs she takes every day, Vendulka is a cheerful little girl that likes the usual activities of children her age. She likes to read and look at books, go for walks, and she would very much like to go to the seaside with her parents one day, but for now contact with the water is just as life-threatening for her as touching soil. She is currently being home schooled by her mother, and is in first grade.

Given the rare occurrence of this immunity disorder, the medical options in the Czech Republic are very limited. This is why we are seeking other ways to cure little Vendulka or otherwise help improve her life. The money collected by the charity fund will be used to create a suitable environment for Vendulka, pay for her medicine and potential medical care abroad, which can be very costly.

The charity fund collects money mainly from its founder – BAK stavební společnost, a.s., to which we owe our thanks.

We would hereby like to ask the cities and municipalities of the region, companies and those of you who would like to help improve the quality of Vendulka’s life to consider making a financial contribution.


Thank you all.



JUDr. Michal Kaizar


Charity account number: 7273052/0800

CZ83 0800 0000 0000 0727 3052

The fund will be happy to issue a receipt for your donation after the amount has been credited to the fund’s account.


Our company support ecology.

Be joining the “Green Company” project, our company allows employees to dispose of used small electrical appliances and batteries in an ecological way, thus greatly expanding its activity in the area of environmental protection.

Project objective

The objective of the “Green Company” protect is to protect the environment by ensuring the collection and effective recycling of waste from used electrical appliances. These contain many hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, bromide fire retarders and other elements, but also many recyclable and reusable materials.

Employees can deposit used electrical household appliances into a box located on the ground floor of the administrative building. Our company’s project also allows the recycling of voluminous company electrical waste.

Reducing the environmental footprint

By joining the “Green Company” project, our company is proving its ecological thinking, both with respect to employees and with respect to the public. It is another step towards our long-term goal – to reduce the environment footprint. We also offer employees a benefit in the form of facilitating the recycling of “household” electrical waste.

The initiator of the project is REMA Systém a.s., which organizes the collection, sorting, recycling and handling of electrical waste across the Czech Republic.