What did we build?

Archeological park Všestary

Investor: Královéhradecký kraj
Location: Hradec Králové Region
Realization: 09/2011 - 11/2012

Project characteristics

The project of construction of the archaeological park was implemented with the objective of creating a comprehensive facility, which will offer its visitors a unique prehistorical exhibition with illustrations of original habits, crafts and customs. The main exposition building has three storeys; it will introduce visitors to models and reconstructions of archaeological excavations, a prehistorical cave, funeral cells, a model of prehistorical landscape and mines of the Stone Age. Besides the permanent exhibition and two exhibition halls, the building also includes a screening hall for 3D screenings. In total, the archaeological park will present 400 exhibited items. People will see replicas of prehistorical artifacts made of stone, glass, copper, brass, iron, wood or ceramics as well as copies of unavailable materials such as mammoth tusks. The visitors will also pass through an aquarium with items found under water. They will also see the contour of the mammoth found near Hradec and armours of Celtic fighters and Roman legionaries. Besides the permanent exhibition and two exhibition halls, the building also includes a screening hall. Another unique feature is the interconnection of the interior exhibition with the open space exhibition area with demonstrations of archaeological field research. Entry to all parts of the exhibition in the main museum building is allowed to handicapped persons thanks to wheelchair access.  The project includes establishment of a new cycling path, which will represent a symbolic connection between the Všestary Archeopark and the center of the Hradec Králové Region. This 12 km long “Archaeological cycling path” connects Hradec Králové and Všestary; it passes through local places of archaeological importance, where information tables are provided with information on interesting features of given locations.
Thus the Hradec Králové Region obtained a completely new tourist attraction, which will considerably contribute to the diversity and tourist development within the region.

Project Gallery