What did we build?

Fruit Research Institute in Holovousy in the Jičín Region

Investor: Výzkumný a šlechtitelský ústav ovocnářský Holovousy, s.r.o.
Location: Hradec Králové Region
Realization: 07/2013 - 12/2014

Project characteristics

Our company opens as a member of the “Apple” association with the HOCHTIEF CZ a.s. Company a building development of the Fruit Research Institute in Holovousy in the Jičín Region.

The building itself takes 395 million crowns. The building with laboratories and workrooms including devices and equipment will be the main part of the institute. A modern green-house will arise close to it where vegetation conditions will be able to set up as light, humidity and heat. The only already standing building is the former fruit store; nevertheless it comes already from 1974 and is in a dismal state so it will be reconstructed completely. There will be stocks, garages and sheds for techniques and tools on the premises.

The fruit researchers will gain top workplaces on their own premises, which shall increase the possibility of the competitiveness of the Czech fruit growing in Europe. Furthermore the up-to-date institute enables them a closer cooperation with similar foreign institutes. They will have also better condition for the research ordered by foreign clients.

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