What did we build?

Multifunctional Congress Center Čapí hnízdo

Investor: Farma Čapí hnízdo, a.s.
Location: Central Bohemia Region
Realization: 10/2008 - 03/2010

Project characteristics

The Multipurpose Field Farm of Cape Hat is rightly among the exceptional buildings. The original farmhouse Dvůr Semtín from the second half of the 17th century was transformed into a complex thematic area. The addition of new buildings has been sensitively adapted to the character of the entire former historic mansion, yet it is distinguished by modern elements. A particularly architecturally imaginative riding school, constructively conceived as a nest of nest, reflects very much on the farm’s dominance – a former distillery chimney that has been home to a family of storks for many years. The complex includes a congress hall, a 4-star hotel, a restaurant and a sports area.

Project Gallery