What did we build?

Residence Čámovka Prague

Investor: EXPO-HIGHTS s.r.o.
Location: Prague Region
Realization: 12/2010 - 10/2013

Project characteristics

Just as the spring brings a new freshness to the nature, the Čámovka project gives a new and fresh look to Prague 8. That is why we have a great news for you: on 5th April, the 2nd stage of this project, located in the calm area of Čimice valley full of fresh greenery, was initiated.

The Rezidence Čámovka project uses all benefits of its location to the full extent. In its design, the main stress is laid on comfort and well-being of the inhabitants. The architecture of individual buildings as well as urbanistic solution of the entire area is very friendly so the the inhabitants of Čámkovka can meet in a small square or playground. Well-being, safety and peace is further ensured by a zone with restricted traffic.

Two single-storey commercial facilities as well as commercial premises on the groundfloor of the other buildings will attract shops, services and other civic amenities into the compound.

Individual apartments from studio up to three-bedroom flat have outstanding modern layouts. Each apartment is equipped with its own terrace with French windows; groundfloor apartments have private front gardens. Car owners will certainly appreciate the underground parking lot.

Moreover, use of advanced design, quality materials and advanced technology guarantees, together with quality workmanship, a high housing standard for the inhabitants of Čámovka.

For more information visit na http://www.camovka.cz/uvod.php.

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