What did we build?

New headquarters of Lasvit, Nový Bor

Investor: LASVIT s.r.o.
Realization: 08/2017 - 12/2018

Project characteristics

The architectural design of new Lasvit headquarters reflects the value of current historical buildings dated back to 1790 that will be added by two new buildings. The first building will conserve to the maximum extent possible existing original wooden constructions. The building will be used by management of the company and financial department. The other building called “Glass house” will contain relax zone with café, big conference room and library. It will also serve as a showroom.

The brand Lasvit, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič, sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes it into the next millennium. Lasvit combines the authenticity of glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. In a few short years, Lasvit has established itself as the authority delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass. The company’s name was born from two words Láska (love) and Svit (light). Among its most recognized installations are Dubai underground or Etihad Tower hotel resort. Lasvit is also the producer of Tour de France trophy and Český lev award.

Project Gallery