What did we build?

Trutnov park water reservoir reconstruction

Investor: Vodovody a kanalizace Trutnov, a.s.
Realization: 08/2017 - 12/2019

Project characteristics

Trutnov water reservoir Park, that is currently undergoing an extensive reconstructions server for potable water storage transported from Temný důl water treatment plant. It serves primarily for potable water distribution into Trutnov- Kryblice, Trutnov – Horní předměstí and Starý Rokytník city districts. The potable water is distributed from the reservoir gravitationally. The distribution network to Starý Rokytník is strengthened by automatic pressure station. The reconstruction and maintenance works will not affect or alter current use of reservoir. The technology processes will not be affected or changed by the reconstruction of handling spaces too. Scope of works consists among other in complete technology replacement with new technology made mainly out of stainless steel components, reconstruction of communications, fences and landscaping.

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