What did we build?

Trutnov – repair of Staré Město water reservoir

Investor: Vodovody a kanalizace Trutnov a.s.
Location: Hradec Králové Region
Realization: 08/2020 - 10/2022

Project characteristics

The aim of the project is mainly the replacement and modernization of the technological parts, remediation and reconstruction of the construction parts in the manipulation chamber and storage tanks. The project also addresses the modification of the entrance to the complex, fencing, landscaping and reconstruction of the access road to the reservoir complex. As a part of the reconstruction, the old cast iron or steel pipes and fittings will be replaced with new ones, depending on the technical and layout options. There will be a separate room for storing chemicals with a separate entrance on the ground floor at ground level, where the storage and dosing equipment for disinfection will be transferred. Furthermore, the aim of the project is to modernize air conditioning, measuring equipment and a complete control system. In the construction part, modifications resulting from the dismal state and worn condition of structures and further modifications resulting from modifications of the technological parts or facilitating operation and handling in the reservoir (footbridges, stairs, etc.) will be made.

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