What did we build?

Reconstruction of the Vesmír cinema

Investor: Město Trutnov
Location: Hradec Králové Region
Realization: 08/2021 - 07/2022

Project characteristics

The Vesmír Cinema on the Václav Havel Embankment in Trutnov was built in 1928 and it is a cultural monument. Although it underwent extensive reconstruction in 1976, the mass of the building, the basic division of the facade and especially the unique shell ceiling in the hall are preserved.

As the auditorium of the hall is not original and at the same time it does not meet the current needs, it will be completely demolished and replaced with a new one with a capacity of 256 spectators. In the premises of the second floor, which have lost their original purpose, there is a second hall with a capacity of 39 spectators, which will serve for projections of art performances for minor audience, but it can also be used thanks to the Atmos sound system as a premium cinema. A change in the organization of the operation is proposed, including the accessibility, new refreshments spaces and toilets with more capacity.

Project Gallery